Ordinary Emergences in Democratic Theory: An Interview with Bonnie Honig

Diego Rossello

In contrast to framings of the political that emphasize heroic action or emergency’s exceptionalism, Bonnie Honig’s agonistic democracy is linked …

La wertud maquiaveliana. El príncipe como centauro

Diego Rossello

Escribir hoy sobre Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli no es una tarea fácil. La diicultad no reside, sin embargo, en …

Around the Ising Model

Sergio Rica

This article discuss several features and connections arising in a class
of Ising-based models, namely the Glauber-Ising time dependent model, …

The evolution of paternal care can lead to population growth in artificial societies

Mauricio Salgado

Evolutionary models of paternal care predict that when female reproductive effort is higher than male reproductive effort, selection might favour …

Crisis and critique in Jürgen Habermas’s social theory

Rodrigo Cordero

At a time when ideas of crisis and critique are at the forefront of public discourse, this article seeks to …

La reconfiguración del régimen financiero global: Entre la determinación pública y la autodeterminación privada

Benjamín Sánchez

La crisis financiera del 2008 modificó las relaciones sostenidas entre el sistema político, la esfera jurídica y el dominio financiero

The Ethics of the Financial Crisis

Aldo Mascareño

HISTORICALLY, THE CONCEPT of crisis is closely-related to the evolutionary transformations of the eighteenth century in the United States,  Latin …

The Effectiveness of Private Voucher Education: Evidence From Structural School Switches

Andrea Repetto

In this article the authors analyze the effect of private voucher education on student academic performance using new data on …

Dynamics and complexity of the Schelling segregation model

Eric Goles y Sergio Rica

In this paper we consider the Schelling social segregation model for two different populations. In Schelling’s model, segregation appears as …

Self-Organized Origami

Sergio Rica

The controlled folding and unfolding of maps, space structures, wings, leaves, petals, and other foldable laminae is potentially complicated by …